Bureau of the Hungarian Parliament
National Tax Bureau
Local government of Budakeszi
Local government of Piliscsaba
Hungarian Post
Danubius Hotels
Hotel Silvanus
Mayer Toyota
Franciscan province
Olympic training camp, Tata, and also
variety of private clients


Our studio has been serving clients for more than a decade. Although our bureau is among the smaller ones, it is prepared to respond to all challenges, great and small.

We've been working for a long time in close collaboration with a wide range of specialists. The experience of our partners demonstrates a relationship that is marked with collaboration over a long period of time.

And, the good relationship with our clients is based on the knowledge of their expectations and the desire to pursue a long-term partnership.

The ongoing development of staff is also essential from both human resource and technical perspectives. Continuous training of our staff is essential in order to have the necessary skills at our disposal to do our work; ongoing updating of our technical competence is the guarantee of being able to provide high quality work.

All of these together ensure that we can deliver the result expected by our clients.

Tibor Kauser architect